Wado Ryu Karate

Founded by Master Hironori Otsuka 10th Dan in 1934, and bought to England in 1964 by Master Tatsuo Suzuki 8th Dan, it is a Major style of Tradition Karate that incorporates Striking with Joint Locks, Throws and Weapons Skills. Karate has a great many benefits including improvements in Discipline, Respect, Self Defence, Fitness and Goal Setting to name but a few.









This Dynamic Ultimate Fitness Fighting Sport was formed in 1974 by a group called the PKA with Champions such as Bill Wallace who left leg kick was clocked at 60 mph! Joe Lewis, Benny "the jet" Urquidez and Don "the Dragon" Wilson the Sport has grown into an energising exciting Sport. Whether training for fitness, Competitions, or Fun we are sure you will enjoy our classes. Chief Instructor Sensei Sean Kinsella 5th DanTailor made the CMA syllabus which has been tested and proven in helping to create Top quality Kickboxers and Champions.