Childrens Karate

Our CMA Children's Karate Program teaches Wado Ryu Karate (the peace way) a traditional style of Karate, founded by Master Hironori Otsuka 10th Dan and bought to England in 1964 by Master Tatsou Suzuki 8th Dan. This style has many benefits for our CMA Children.

We incorporate Life Skills into our classes such as, teaching our children what we call the 5 qualities of a Karate Champion.

                  1. Focus
                  2. Discipline
                  3. Perseverance
                  4. Respect
                  5. Intensity                                                                                                                                                 

This really helps our CMA children achieve there goals in the dojo as well as in life, we also offer Seminars, Karate Parties and Summer Schools at an affordable price.

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